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Unique Treble Sports is leading the way in helping sports properties and brands make connections and create unique and untapped revenue opportunities and engagement that delights properties, brands and fans alike. 

Unique Treble Sports is a full-service sports, entertainment and media marketing agency. Our accomplished team brings knowledge and expertise in creating complete 360° marketing partnerships. We do this via branded packaging, sponsorship sales, content creation and distribution, public relations, social media, digital, experimental marketing and asset valuation/ROI analytics. Our evidence and results-based approach enables our clients to achieve:

  • Definite results including increased awareness, improved relationships, enhanced brand preferences, and increased sales.
  • Clear identifiable target audience and demographic reach.
  • Measurable results, both conceptually and practically.

With over 10 years experience in working with sports and corporate entities, we blaze new trails in customising rights packages and licensing.

Some areas we work on with sports properties:

Brand Positioning 

Market Analysis, both local and further afield


Sponsorship and Partnerships, including Activation

Digital Media, creation, design and revenue enhancement